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Water damage in the home or business due to flood or plumbing issues
can be devastating. At ARS, restoring your property to pre-flood condition is
our goal. Not only will we restore your home or business, we will restore
your life - getting you back into your normal routine. Our process is simple
and effective, and our service is friendly and prompt. Water Damage can
happen at any time. ARS is prepared to take your call 24 hours a day, 7
days a week with a 1 hour response time. We are your neighborhood
emergency water damage restoration team!

Removing excess moisture from the space using fans,
dehumidifiers, and other tools.
For high flood levels, more gear may be needed to remove standing
water from the property.
Using our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools detect moisture levels.
Our certified, bonded and insured contractors will evaluate pre-
existing damage, the source of the water intrusion, surface
deterioration, and fungal growth.
Manipulation of the contents of the property to make sure everything
is dried. Our expert restoration professionals will assist and advise
how best to clean some of the materials in your home. Mold and
mildew can be prevented if proper cleaning is practiced.

Restoration & Prevention
Dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air.
High-speed fans to keep air movement up and evaporate water
located in furniture, carpets, flooring, and walls.
Temperature regulation techniques to minimize the warping and
swelling of floors.
Keeping an eye on any issues, especially water leakage to prevent
flooding accidents. We can not control the climate, but we can
control what goes on on our properties. A keen eye and regular
maintenance will prevent future floods.

Call ARS for a free estimate of your propertyís water damage. If this is an
emergency, you may contact us at any time, 24 hours a day and we will
respond within 1 hour of your request. Our certified and trained technicians
are qualified to assess and restore any water damage situation. Donít wait
until itís too late.
Feel confident that ARS can take care of all of your fire problems.  We also
offer services for mold removal Coral Gables if you ever have mold; water
damage Coral Gables if you should ever have a flood or need smoke
damage Coral Gables, we cover it all.

For reliable and honest 24-hour service, free estimates, and advice, call
ARS at 954-654-7764 or 305-742-0787.

Coral Gables Water Damage Coral Gables FL